Process Engineering

  • Steady state hydraulic analysis/ Transient Analysis of piping & pipeline systems
  • Residual Process engineering
  • Specification and data sheet for various equipment and package systems
  • Line Sizing calculation
  • Preparation of PFD's, UEFD's and P&ID's
  • HAZOP study
  • Steam and Oil & Gas system process design
  • Modification of existing system
  • Operating & control philosophy
  • Feasibility study, Feed and detail design Engineering for process
  • Surge analysis using pipenet
  • All the oil & gas system process design
  • Equipment sizing
  • Fire water, potable water & Irrigation water system design
  • Process Plant Optimization / Simulation
  • Process Plant Trouble - Shooting
  • Software Available :
        1. Bentley water gems V8i
        2. Bentley hammer V8i
        3. Pipenet 1.6
        4. Hysys 8.4

Piping Engineering

  • Engineering of In-Plant piping system for Refinery and Petrochemical Units
  • Piping Specifications and data sheets
  • Offshore platform and Sub-sea pipelines
  • Cross Country Pipelines and pigging systems
  • Piping flexibility and Stress Analysis
  • Composite Dynamic analysis of Piping, equipment and Structure system
  • Analysis of piping with speciality materials
  • Plant 3-D modelling and clash detection
  • Preparation of Piping Layouts and Isometrics
  • Pipe support drawings and arrangements
  • Preparation of fabrication drawings
  • Alignment sheet preparation
  • Equipment layout & other drawings
  • Software Available :
        1. Caesar II
        2. Cadworx

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design of complete range of process equipment E.G. Vessels, heat exchangers, columns, cone roof, floting roof and dome roof api tanks, horton spheres, mounded bullets, silos, fired heaters and reformers, unfired boilers and power plant equipments
  • Mechanical design and detail engineering as per ASME BPVC Sec VIII, 1&2, ASME Sec II, API650, API620, TEMA, EJMA, UL-58, UL-142, etc.
  • Design by analysis of some critical service equipments
  • Stress, Thermal Analysis and Fatigue life evaluation of equipment using Finite element Analysis
  • Preparation of Data Sheets and Drawings.
  • Specification & data sheets for rotating equipments
  • Designing of Floating roof & Fixed roof tanks
  • Software Available :
        1. Elite software
        2. Tank software

Electrical Engineering

  • Estimation of power requirement and evolving Single Line Diagram for power distribution system
  • Substation and transformer design
  • Power study and calculation for high voltage using CYME software
  • Specifications and schedule of quantities for electrical Equipment
  • Cable schedules and Termination Schedules (Low and High voltage)
  • General arrangement & Civil input data for switch yards, substations, Load Dispatch centres and control rooms
  • Short circuit study & Relay setting recommendations
  • Cathodic protection system design
  • Hazardous Area classification Drawings
  • Wiring Diagram and modification of existing power system
  • Preparation of Layouts for project execution like equipment layouts, cable tray/Trench layouts, Earthing & lighting protection Layouts and lighting layouts including distribution schedules
  • Software Available :
        1. Bentley water gems V8i
        2. Bentley hammer V8i

Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Design of Technological Structures for Refinery and Petrochemical units
  • Development of Industrial facilities and related civil work
  • Design of Offshore Platforms, Jackets and Top-Sides
  • Design of deepwater Structures
  • Stress & Fatigue analysis of structures using finite element analysis
  • Structural analysis & detail engineering of Fired Heaters and Reformers
  • Design Engineering of skids and Modular Structures
  • Design of special foundations for large process equipment
  • Structural 3-D Modelling and automated fabrication drawing generation
  • Foundation for Storage Tanks
  • Steel pipe racks and pipe supports, Equipment platforms & Equipment supports, Anchor Blocks for pipelines
  • Software Available :
        1. Staad pro

Instrumentation Engineering

  • Instrument Data Sheets and Index
  • Logic Development and preparation of cause and effect diagrams
  • DCS/PLC engineering & I/O List
  • Preparation of Field Instrument and control panel specifications
  • Preparation of inter lock diagrams and loop drawings
  • Preparation of JB & cable schedule
  • Layout of Instruments/JB/Cable trays for field & control room
  • Installation, mounting and hook up drawings
  • F&G & PA system
  • Communication Network Design
  • Preparation of Air and Power distribution scheme
  • Sizing of Relief valve/Control valve/Orifice plate etc
  • Technical bio evaluvation & procurement Assistance

Loss Prevention Engineering

  • Fire & Gas system Design
  • Fire water system design
  • Risk study & analysis
  • Escape route layout and Fire Wall design
  • HAZOP, HAZID and Safety Review workshop
  • Reports and specifications
  • Fire detectors
  • Life safety study
  • Zone classification

Oil & Gas Engineering

  • Onshore Field Development
  • Offshore Production Platforms
  • Floating Production Systems
  • Separation systems (gas-oil-water separation, desanding and desalting)
  • Oil,Gas and produced Water Treatment Systems
  • Gas Injection and separation System
  • Oil and Gas Transporting Pipelines & systems
  • Crude Storage Tanks and Storage Facilities
  • Condensate Fractionation Units and Refineries
  • Gathering systems e.g. Flow lines, Test lines, Manifolds and metering Systems
  • Reinjection and Dosing systems
  • Enhanced oil recovery systems
  • Outfall systems
  • Potable water pumping system
  • Fire water system